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Looking for a few ideas to get creative yourself?  Here are a few ideas to get the whole family engaged: 

Take It To The Streets

  • Try creating your own mini mural at home using sidewalk chalk. If you really want to plan out your drawing, create on paper first and using a ruler make a grid. Your grid could be 1inch by 1inch. This may become 1ft by 1ft when you go outside. Measure your large grid out on the ground and begin transferring to the ground square by square. Once your drawing is transferred begin coloring it in!

What Do You Stand For?

  • Try thinking of something you feel strongly about, or something you want to say. Now consider what symbolism or figures could be used to express this. Try drawing out your idea in poster form. Next using modeling clay, play-doh or any materials you can get your hand on and try building your 3D standing figure. For ex. You may be passionate about saving wildlife in our oceans from pollution. Creating a turtle with a plastic ring strapped around his neck may convey your message. Be creative and think outside the box

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