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A group of artist and a strong leadership team, joined together under a united vision to improve our city and our world.
The founding members of BAS include a diverse network of practicing artists of all career levels, business leaders and community organizers.

Alandes Powell
Visionary | Creator

Alandes Powell knew there was something that needed to be done. With a vision and a plan of what she would like to see, she began to execute with urgency. After penning the poem, "We Want What You Want," she has continued to work tirelessly to see that vision come to life.  


Raised with understanding the importance of taking a stand for what was right and having a passion for the community, she has inspired many with the fire lit by witnessing her father's activism. Today, Alandes continues to fight for the rights of her people both in the corporate setting and in her community. 


Tashawna Otabil

Tashawna Thomas Otabil currently serves as the Director of Managed Care for TriHealth a $2B Health System in Cincinnati, Ohio. She has nearly 20 years of Management experience and proven performance leadership with Managed Care Payer Contracting and Strategies. Tashawna is responsible for contractual relationship management valued at over $1.3 billion dollars in revenue. 

Before joining TriHealth in 2017, she worked for both payer and provider organizations in various Healthcare leadership roles. She always strives for academic excellence which is evident in being recognized as one of Ohio’s National Diversity Top 15 Business Women (2018). In addition to her award, Tashawna is the published author of three books, “It Takes Money Honey” (2019) and “Leadership Tidbits” (2019) and “Leadership Tidbits 2”. All these publications empower women and young leaders to be the best version of themselves, providing useful practical tools to enhance both their personal and professional lives.

Tashawna received a bachelor’s degree in Healthcare Business Administration from DeVry University. Tashawna is also committed to public service and is actively involved in the community as a member of the Board of Directors for the Urban League of Greater Southwest Ohio, Southwest Ohio Healthcare Financial Management Association & the St. Aloysius organization.




Project Manager/Lead Artist


Brandon Hawkins is the Co-Owner & Lead Teaching Artist of Soul Palette with more than 20 years of artistic experience. While infusing his love for history and art, Brandon lends his expertise to others by mentoring youth and young adult artists. He’s also an alum of the University of Cincinnati.


Lead Artist


Michael Coppage is a conceptual artist using an interdisciplinary, dialectical approach to address social issues surrounding race and language. He gained international attention with his recent project “BLACK BOX”: a community impact project aimed at demystifying black men and creating authentic experiences that replace bias and preconceived notions related to the term “Black” This series was exhibited around the country, Puerto Rico and at the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center, 21c Museum Hotel, Medici Museum, and the Ohio Arts Councils Riffe Gallery to name a few.


Lead Artist


Brent Billingsley is an artist and an empowering voice behind young disenfranchised youth. He is also a Behavioral Health Specialist at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center/Psychiatry.  Other endeavors include Independent Contracting Therapeutic Mentoring and the co-founder of 2 non-profits geared toward the utilization of therapeutic artistic engagement and the performance arts. Brent believes that the world can be changed through art; 1 PIECE at a TIME!


Lead Artist


Ja'Lana Bradford is a proud native of Cincinnati, OH, and resides in the Downtown OTR area with her three children; a newborn baby boy, her son, and her daughter. Under the beloved pseudonym "Lahna Lei," she demonstrates that she is creative at heart. Through art, she hopes to inspire growth and happiness for her audience. Her experience as an artist includes mural work, painting, and drawing, as well as a design portfolio for both commercial and individual clients in the Greater Cincinnati region.


Lead Artist


Tamia Saunders is a Cincinnati-based artist currently studying Fine Arts at the University of Cincinnati's College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning. Inspired to pursue art by her father at the age of ten, she developed a passion for illustration, animation, and printmaking. Her work focuses on the heart and the enigma of human emotions specifically tied to adolescence.


Lead Artist


Born in Louisville, KY, in 1983, Gee is a Cincinnati-based self-trained Hyperrealist visual artist who is quickly becoming a household name in Cincinnati’s art scene. He has been focusing on art for the last three years and has been featured in local art exhibits such as The WE Gallery exhibit at the historic Cincinnati Music Hall, The National Underground Railroad Freedom Center’s “#NewTruth” Art Show (where he was also on the panel for “The Listener’s Lounge: Black Male Image Unplugged”), ArtWorks’ “Secret ArtWorks 2018” at The Banks, and the Mohawk Gallery’s “Manifestations of Time: The Black Experience” exhibit. He is currently serving as the Mercantile Library’s first African American Artist-in-Residence. He has been commission to draw a 6ft portrait of Peter H. Clark, the Mercantile Library’s first African American member. 

Gee serves on the Board of Trustees for Artworks, WavePool, and is a member of the Leadership Council for Non-profits Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Team, and is a Co-Host of the Urban Consulate Cincinnati Chapter. He also serves as a Hello Cincy Ambassador through the Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber as well as a member of the Chamber’s Vox Futura Leadership Advisory Committee. Gee received his Master of Social Work from the University of Louisville in 2008.


Lead Artist



Hannah Jones is a 27-year old mixed-race queer artist and muralist currently based in Cincinnati, OH. Her work fantasizes a world that thrives outside basic hetero-normative thinking. She uses loud, vivid, saturated, pop imagery to illuminate and dignify ALL HUMANS on every level of the spectrum who are visualized happily thriving in full flying, glorious colors outside the rigid black and white boxes society places on them and their identities.

 She encourages you to see yourself in living color.


Lead Artist


Vinay Duncan, creator of  ToonSpray, originates from Dayton, Ohio and currently resides in  Cincinnati, Ohio.The self taught artist uses cartoons and a semi realistic art style to create traditional and digital artwork. Self discovery & total healing are two components she hopes personify through her work. In viewing her art, she hopes to challenge others to see that there is always room to grow. Her overall desire is to continually develop, while allowing her art to speak and promote change, growth, and peace.


Lead Artist


Latausha Cox was born in Cincinnati, Ohio. Her work currently focuses on her personal experiences with race and identity. By sharing her journey, she hopes to inspire others to explore their own stories to discover and release their authentic voice. She is an illustrator, educator, and researcher who uses her art practice to expose evidence of racism and bias and educating others. Latausha graduated with a BFA in Illustration from Columbus College of Art & Design in 2007 and is nearing a Master’s degree in Art Education and licensure from DAAP (Design, Art, Architecture and Planning) at the University of Cincinnati.


Lead Artist


Cincinnati native KéMonté J Figgs, better known by his artist and pen name K.J Figgs The Artist, is an artist who inspires to be the Black Dr. Suess. He brings his very own fresh concept to the world that intrigues the mind's perspective on dreams and how to achieve them.


Lead Artist


Adoria L. Maxberry is a visual and performance artist, designer, licensed educator, wife and mother of three, in Cincinnati, Ohio. She facilitates unique, meaningful art experiences focusing on creativity, exploration and reflection. Her company, Most OutGROWing LLC, is dedicated to helping others grow spiritually, mentally and creatively through art.


Lead Artist


After being a student ambassador to Great Britain, diversity and culture has always been integrated in Jianni Amman's art exploration. Being intrigued with detailed sketching at the age of 6, eventually led to her study of Architecture and Design at Cincinnati State. Being sent to Baker Hunt Art and Cultural Center, along with taking private art classes at St. Bartholomew, were ways her parents invested in their children's gifts. Amman has experience in multiple areas including poetry writing, styling, creative direction, art direction, photography, personal shopping, advertising, sketching, and painting.


Lead Artist


Kate Tepe is a Cincinnati based artist who creates work related to group and personal identities, interpersonal relationships and community networks. She toggles back and forth from design and fine art, but enjoys opening her practice to develop collaborative projects, that encourage participants to take as much ownership in the work as she does. She aims to explore conscious and unconscious identities, (racial, sexual, national, or cultural) as well as established social codes.


Lead Artist


Asha is an artist, entrepreneur, and arts educator. Her work centers her personal identity as a queer African American woman, exploring social justice themes such as race, sexuality, women’s rights, and mental health. With her work, she strives to unite diverse populations through shared experiences and common narratives to facilitate understanding and promote change.


Lead Artist


Cedric Michael Cox is known for paintings that catapult color into rhythmic action with abstract and recognizable images inspired by themes in music and the natural world. Working under several influences which include architecture and art history, Cox’s work ranges from the geometric, to floral-like forms, all dancing within surrealistic environments.


Lead Artist


Inspirational Artist & Community Advocate

Annie Ruth is an internationally respected artist. Her career spans 40+years. She has exhibited in both national and international museums. Ruth earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Interdisciplinary Studies from National University in San Diego, California. She is a trailblazer who collaborates with major cultural institutions and museums.


Lead Artist


Artist and traditionally trained graphic designer, Jonathan Sears is the Executive Director of Professional Artistic Research (PAR) Projects. As an individual, he’s been studying art his entire life culminating with an MFA degree from The University of Maryland College Park in 2006.

Jonathan co-founded PAR-Projects with the goal of showing how the arts can positively affect the dynamics of a community.  He's an artist. He's a thinker. He's a maker.


Lead Artist


Artist and traditionally trained graphic designer, Jonathan Sears is the Executive Director of Professional Artistic Research (PAR) Projects. As an individual, he’s been studying art his entire life culminating with an MFA degree from The University of Maryland College Park in 2006.

Jonathan co-founded PAR-Projects with the goal of showing how the arts can positively affect the dynamics of a community.  He's an artist. He's a thinker. He's a maker.

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