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Endless Love

Endless Love

Rashad Orlando (b.2004)

Anaiah King

J'Veon Jackson

Sienna Allen

United States

Endless Love



Acrylic paint, Marker, 3D Paint

Courtesy of the artist


Endless love is a piece inspired by Cincinnati Children’s and the question “What makes a child feel safe?” Components like teddy bears, softness, pastel colors, are all combined together in art form to help emphasize having open arms, and projecting good energy on the youth.


“Eighteen-year-old artist, Rashad Orlando derives from Cincinnati, Ohio. His perspective focuses on the abstract, realism, and collage-like art style. His signature, known as “unfinished paintings”, represents the surface-level knowledge we have of self, as well as the layers we have yet to uncover. This fresh perspective has developed from an early age of interest in the world of documentation without words. His focal points aren't purely paint or sketches but relative to anything tangible. Rashad hopes his audience will connect with his art authentically, as if their stories were his muse.”


- Rashad Orlando

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