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Because they look like us; WAKANDA FOREVER

Because they look like us; WAKANDA FOREVER

Brent Billingsley (b.1975)
Brent Billingsley II
LaDe Richardson
Da’tron Johnson
Awa Niang
Kamya Williams

United States

Because they look like us; WAKANDA FOREVER

Mixed media acrylic, colored pencil, watercolor, oil pastel
Courtesy of the artist

3 rendered images in mixed media of 3 persons who ruled a tribe or were deemed Black Panther of WAKANDA.

“Brent Billingsley is an artist and an empowering voice behind people who have a desire to discover, cultivate, and execute their gifts. He is also a Behavioral Health Specialist at Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center/Psychiatry. Other endeavors include Independent Contracting Therapeutic Mentoring and the founder of “ARTE” a non-profit geared toward the utilization of therapeutic artistic engagement and the performance arts. This artist's intention is to help all whom he is blessed to come in contact with realize that they are part of something bigger than themselves and that their part matters. The goal is to utilize art as rhetorical vernacular and encourage people to do something they have never done before, acknowledge the exertion, forfeit maladaptive idealizations and upon one’s own artistic epiphany; act on it. Brent believes that the world can be changed through art; 1 PIECE at a TIME!”

- Brent Billingsley

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